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With the support of our experienced Designers and Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical. We can help partner and manage custom designs and products. Electronics, Embedded Systems, PCB Layout, Mechanical enclosure and systems. What ever it is, we can help.

Contract Manufacturing for those designs that are ready for the next step is available as well.

List of Services

Contract Manufacturing 

Hi Volume Printed Circuit Board Assembly focus on production level volumes.

- Full Production

- Electronic Assemblies

- ElectroMechanical

Low Volume PCBAs Quick-Turn

Small to Medium Builds

Low Volume Printed Circuit Board Assembly production can be a single board to a hundred.

- Proof-of-Concept

- Prototyping

- Pilot runs

- Modifications

Rework & Repair

If you have a need to rework existing designs or repair returned products, we have the experience to help.

- RMAs

- Returned Products

- Reworking of Existing Products/PCBAs

- Industrial Electronic Repair

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Is your product more than just the circuit? CES can also assist in assembling your full system.

- Final Assemblies

- Mechanical Assemblies


Is your design/product ready for wire harnessing or do you already have the harness designed, but need it produced?

- Custom Harnessing for Product

- Custom Harness Design

- Harness Manufacturing

- Harness Testing


Once your product is assembled, its time for Testing. CES has extensive experience testing various types of systems. We can utilize an existing testing system or help to develop a specific testing system and program for testing your product.